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Equitation News


We were extremely proud that SCpl Anthony Glass (HCMR) and MWH Revenger were able to show off to the world that their partnership extends beyond their sporting performance, but also to the parade square. On OP GOLDEN ORB, the Coronation of HM King Charles III, they were the Brigade Majors Retinue right at the front of the procession. This follows the last time they were on a major ceremonial parade for the late HM The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022. MWH Revenge has had a varied ceremonial career spanning the HCMR Musical Ride, Birthday parades, State ceremonial openings, Escorts and Queen’s lifeguards.

On the sporting front, SCpl Glass and MWH Revenge are on the Army Eventing Team currently competing at British Eventing Novice level (heights of 1.10 m – 1.15 m). They have advanced rapidly as they started the 2022 season 3 levels below at (BE 90 / 0.90 cm). This year they are aiming to compete at their first international level (FEI) competition in the 2* class (same heights as Novice but increased technicality).

Note that the parade photos are Crown Copyright / Army Comms Team provided